The Professional Shooting League brings compensation to shooters and provides fair and well organized .22lr benchrest shooting tournaments.

Gorham WINS the Brawl!

Richard Gorham knocked out the competition to take home the trophy and the prize purse at the 2021 Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl. Richard had an impressive 11625-76X for the win. Brian Brandt’s 1157-64X placed him in the runner up position. Competitor Paul Tolvstad rose to third place after punching a perfect 2500 on Target […]

2021 MullerWorks Shootout

Greg Monroe scores first place at the PSL ELEY Benchrest Series Mullerworks Shootout at Chickenfoot! Greg kicked off the shootout winning Target 1 and finished strong with a total score of 11800. James Garrett took second place with his combined score of 11700 and 71 Xs followed by Richard Gorham in third place with his […]

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