The Professional Shooting League brings compensation to shooters and provides fair and well organized .22lr benchrest shooting tournaments.

PSL Double Trouble 2023!

The 2023 Professional Shooting League Season consist of two indoor and two outdoor matches mixing it up a little for competitors vying for the money spots. Jr Groves championed The MullerWorks Shootout in December while Tony Brazil topped the list at the March Shilen Indoor Challenge. The Top 10 from each event earned their spots […]

Miller Championed the Shilen Challenge & the 2022 ELEY Benchrest Points Series

Tim Miller dominated the Shilen Challenge and soared to the top of the ELEY Benchrest Points Series earning the top spot payout for the final match of the season and the season series. Tim competed in all four ELEY Benchrest Series season events finishing in the top 10 in three of the four and winning […]

It was Miller Time in Wisconsin!

Tim Miller earned the trophy and all the bragging rights at the Precision Woodcrafting Wisconsin Wildcard! Tim won three of the five cards (2300-16X, 2350-18X, 2350-11X) and finished up the PWC Wildcard money match with a total of 11650 and 69Xs. Maddi Reed’s total score of 11350 and 64Xs landed her in the second place […]

The Wisconsin Wildcard PSL $MONEY$ MATCH!

July 8th, competitors from around the country will meet in Wisconsin for the Wildcard PSL! Register today and make plans to attend all the events of the weekend. CLICK HERE for more information.

Barry Maney wins the Biggest Brawl of all!

The Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl 2022 was the Biggest Brawl to date with 81 rimfire benchrest competitors showing up to battle for the prize purse at Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Club in Bristol, VA. Barry Maney won two of the five rounds and secured his win with a total score of 11925 and 88 Xs. […]