The Professional Shooting League brings compensation to shooters and provides fair and well organized .22lr benchrest shooting tournaments.


Jerry Stiller shoots a 2500 Outdoor Target!

Jerry Stiller of Wylie, Texas, added his name to the short list of PSL competitors who have shot a 2500 in Outdoor competition.  Since it’s inception in 2009, a total of 9 competitors have managed to shoot a certified 2500 target in outdoor competition.  Jerry’s 25 shots touched the inner red bullseye the size of […]

Stiller Shoots to Win the ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event 2019

Jerry Stiller showed up determined to shoot his best during all the Labor Day weekend benchrest events at the Benchrest Rifle Club of St. Louis.  After qualifying for the ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event at 3 previous events, Jerry continued his quest to slim the competition by finishing in a qualifying position (6th place) in […]

Ivan Wells Captures his 1st PSL win at the Shilen Challenge!

Ivan Wells of Kentucky took home the PSL Minute Man Trophy & The Cash Prize at the 2019 SHILEN CHALLENGE.  The Labor Day weekend events kicked off  Friday August 30,  at the Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis with the ELEY Benchrest Series PSL Shilen Challenge.   Ivan won Chickenfoot Target 2 with a high […]

PSL Shilen Challenge

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