The Professional Shooting League brings compensation to shooters and provides fair and well organized .22lr benchrest shooting tournaments.

Great Shootin’ Wooten!

The 2017 PSL  Muller Works Summer Showdown was held in beautiful Van Dyne, Wisconsin at Van Dyne Sportsmens Club.  Todd Wooten walked (or danced) away with the grand prize money, the PSL Minute Man trophy, and entry into the The Main Event.  Tony Harper won both the first and last target of the day, C-Yankees […]

Tony Harper to the top!

When the day was done and all the scores were tallied, Tony Harper secured  another Professional Shooting League win!  The Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl began with Tony Harper winning C-Yankees Target 1 with a 2300 8X.  Jerry Stiller’s 2250 9X took him to the top of  the list for  Chickenfoot Target #2.  Triple Crown Target 3 […]

Who Is Qualified for The Main Event?

The PSL Shotmaster 10X Top 10 are the first to qualify for the PSL Main Event to be held September 1, 2017 in St. Louis, MO.  Click Here to see see who’s qualified and how YOU can earn your spot in The Main Event!

Tim Miller

PSL 2016 wrapped up with Tim Miller of Georgia holding the trophy and the cash!  Tim topped the points list with 379 total points after his great finishes at each of the four PSL matches held for the 2016 PSL Season.  Congratulations Tim!  Second place went to Todd Wooten of Ohio with 367 total points. […]

Jeffreys Wins Second Shootout!

Jeff Jeffreys won his second Shotmaster 10X Winter Shootout at “The Barn” in North Carolina!  Jeff’s great shooting included winning Chickenfoot Target 2 with a 2500 15X.  He shot consistently well on each of the 5 targets and finished in the top spot with a total score of 11800 and and impressive 70 Xs.  Only […]

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