2022 Main Event Qualifiers

Any shooter competing in any qualifying event of the same season as the MAIN EVENT and finishes in 1st-10th or tied for 10th in the overall match will be eligible to compete in the MAIN EVENT.  Previous MAIN EVENT Champions are automatically qualified for the MAIN EVENT each year.

2022 Main Event Qualifiers will battle for the $5000 payout!

MullerWorks Shootout @ Chickenfoot, GA | Top 10

PlaceNameTotalTotal Xs
1stBrian Brandt1200073
2ndEddie Robertson1200071
3rdJames Garrett1195081
4thMichael Lowe1180075
5thBarry Maney1180074
6thChuck Morrell1177574
7thTony Brazil1175072
8thMichael Sherrill1160069
9thLarry Parsons1160063
10thTim Miller1160061

Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl @ Kettlefoot, VA | Top 10

PlaceNameTotalTotal Xs
1stBarry Maney1192588
2ndJames Garrett1187576
3rdGreg Monroe1175064
4thChuck Morrell1165066
5thDon Kowalsky1160064
6thJon Mix1160061
7thMike Lowe1157567
8thCody Stehlik1155070
9thBill Drummond1155064
10thBrian Stehlik1152567

Triple Crown Qualifier @ Kettlefoot, VA | Top 10

PlaceNameTotalTotal Xs
1stBarry Maney697544
2ndBruce Hornstein695042
3rdLarry Parsons695037
4thTony Brazil690039
5thJerry Stiller680038
6thMarion Collier680037
7thJason Thornhil677531
8thGreg Hissong672538
9thFrank Shook670034
10thMike Lowe660039

Precision Woodcrafting Wisconsin Wildcard | Top 10

PlaceNameTotalTotal XsAgg
1Tim Miller8600201720
2Maddi Reed9575411915
3Brian Brandt10800462160
4Greg Monroe10625482125
5Jr Groves9850341970
6john prince9975351995
7Larry Parsons9750391950
8Jeff Reed10500452100
9Richard Knott9400411880
10Donald Hamblin10750522150


PlaceNameTotalTotal Xs
1stTim Miller1177566
2ndLarry Parsons1127561
3rdFrank Shook1125074
4thGreg Monroe1117562
5thBill Drummond1100057
6thBrian Brandt1097553
7thJamie Hoskins1090053
8thTony Brazil1087547
9thBarry Maney1087546
10thJerry Stiller1080063

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