Equipment List

***The Equipment list is based on information given at the time of registration and updates during the match.  While we try to maintain an accurate list, mistakes are inevitable.  A competitor may correct their equipment list by emailing  ***

Place Name Action Barrel Trigger Stock Scope Gunsmith Ammo Rest Rest Top J&J Slide
1 Chuck Morrell Turbo Muller B&A McMillan NF Calfee Lapua Arnold Arnold Roller
2 William Casey X3L Shilen FF Lidgard Leupold Wilkinson Eley Pappas Pappas Wood J&J
3 Donald Hamblin 2500X Muller B&A Dixie NF Langley Lapua Pappas Pappas Delrin J&J
4 Jeff Patterson X3L Muller B&A McMillan Leupold Patterson Eley Fulgham Pappas Delrin
5 Tom Wilkinson Turbo-New Shilen FF Lidgard NF Wilkinson Lapua Pappas Pappas
6 A.W. Jeffreys Falcon Muller Jewell Dixie NF Wilkinson Eley Match Arnold
7 Brian Brandt Turbo Shilen Jewell McMillan Leupold Gorham Eley Pappas Pappas Delrin
8 Michael Sherrill Turbo-O Shilen FF-Flavio Lee Six Nightforce Calfee Lapua Midas+ Arnold Aronold
9 George Donovan X3L Muller B&A McMillan Nightforce Langley Eley Match Pappas Pappas Delrin J&J
10 Tim Miller X3L Shilen B&A Other NF Calfee Eley Tenex Arnold Fulghum Sandbag
11 Greg Monroe X-III Shilen B&A IvanHoe Sightron IvanHoe Lapua IvanHoe IvanHoe
12 Jon Mix Turbo Muller B&A Miller Leupold Eley Match Fulghum
13 Donald McIlwain Hall Hart Jewell Kelbly Leupold Self Eley Tenex Pappas
14 Jeff Fountain 2500x Shilen B&A McMillan Weaver Gorham Eley Tenex Fulghum
15 Dennis Drake Trident Lilja Jewell McMillan NF Langley Lapua Fulghum
16 Tony Harper X3L Muller FF-Flavio Bowland NF Harper Eley Pappas Pappas Sandbag
17 Jamie Hoskins 2500X Shilen FF Lidgard NF Gorham Eley Arnold Arnold Roller J&J
18 Maddisyn Reed* 40X Shilen Jewell McMillan Weaver Love Lapua Pappas Pappas Delrin
19 John Austen X-III Muller B&A Lidgard NightForce Self Eley Tenex Pappas Pappas Delrin
20 Tim Longcore 2500X Muller Jewell Pippin Penrod Eley Match Other
21 Scott Whytsell Hall Shilen Jewell TM Weaver Eley Pappas Arnold Roller
22 Don Kowalsky Turbo Muller Flavio Self Sightron self Eley Fulghum Fulghum
23 Bob Finger 2500X Mueller FF Lidgard NF Gorham Fulghum Fulghum SB
24 Johnny Mayo X-III Shilen Jewell TM Weaver Gorham Eley Match Arnold
25 Dennis Sallin Turbo-Old Shilen Jewell TM Leupol Gorham Eley Pappas
26 Charles Wadkins Turbo-Old Shilen Jewell Other NightForce Calfee Eley Match Fulghum Pappas
27 Renae Fountain Trident Shilen B&A McMillan Weaver Gorham Eley Tenex
28 Jerry Chapman X-III Shilen Jewell Pippin Leupold Bumgarner Eley Match Fulgham Fulgham
29 Todd Wooten X3L Muller B&A Lidgard NF Patterson Eley Arnold
30 Cruthis Sanford X3 Shilen B&A McMillan NF Gorham Eley Pappas
31 Dexter Bumgarner Turbo-O Shilen FF McMillan Leupold Bumgarner Eley Match Fulghum
32 Frank Karwowski Trident Shilen B&A Lidgard Nightforce Wilkinson Eley Pappas Pappas Wood
33 Matt Dardas Falcon Unknown Jewell McMillan Leupold Gorham Eley Tenex Hall Hall
34 Kenneth Richards X-III Shilen B&A Stith NF Ivanhoe Eley Other Other J&J
35 Jeff Langley Myers Shilen Jewell Pippin Nightforce Gorham Eley Tenex Pappas Pappas Sand Bag
36 Maurice Hassard Turbo Shilen B&A McMillan NF Miller Lapua Pappas Pappas
37 Edward Ledbetter 2500X Muller Jewell Shehane NF Penrod Eley Arnold Arnold
38 Joe Besche Anschutz Shilen Factory Factory B&L Love Lapua Miller Shotmaster
39 James Garrett Turbo Benchmark Jewell McMillan NF Gorham Eley Match Pappas
40 Michael Kuklis Myers Shilen Kelbly Peightal Sightron Gorham Eley JJ Loh JJ Sand Bag
41 Tony Medinger Copperhead Lilja B&A McMillan Leupold Langley Lapua Pappas Pappas Delrin J&J
42 Timothy O’Mara Rem 40x Lilja Jewell McMillan Weaver Taylor RWS R50 J&J
43 Harvey Reese X-III Shilen Jewell Pippin Weaver Bumgarner Eley Tenex Pappas
44 Michael Lowe X3L Muller B&A Lidgard Schmidt Bender Wilkinson Eley Tenex Arnold Arnold
45 Greg Davis Trident Shilen B&A Lidgard Nightforce Wilkinson Lapua Fulghum
46 Rhett Matheney X3L Shilen B&A Lidgard NF Wilkinson Eley Arnold Papps Wood J&J
47 Ralph Van Horn Trident Shilen Jewell McMillan Leupold Van Horn Lapua Fulghum Fulghum Sandbag
48 Bill Lovell X-III Shilen B&A Other Nightforce Wilkinson Eley Match Pappas
49 Mike Bowland X3L Shilen B&A Other Nightforce Self Eley Fulghum Pappas Sandbag
50 Bill Dooley Suhl Benchmark Factory Kowalsky Sightron Kowalsky Eley Fulghum Arnold
51 Glen Hartjes X3L Muller B&A McMillan NF Calfee Eley Aronld Arnold Roller Top
52 Gerald Schichtel Swindlehurst Hart Jewell Other March Other Eley Match Pappas
53 Jason Frymier X3L Shilen B&A Lidgard Leupold Langley Eley Arnold Arnold
54 Robert Oates X3L Muller Jewell Peightal Leupold Calfee Eley Pippin Pappas
55 Bill Wheeler Hall Shilen Jewell Pippin NF Penrod Eley Miller Miller
56 Lee Methvin X-III Muller B&A Ruth NF Ruth Eley Randolph Pappas
57 Jeff Reed Rem 40X Douglas Jewell Peightal B&L Love Lapua Pappas Pappas Delrin
58 John Prince Turbo Broughton Jewell Pippin NF Calfee Lapua Fulgham Fulgham J&J
59 Todd Banks Rem 40X Hart Jewell Shehane Sightron Fargnoli Randolph Randolph