Equipment List

PLACE Name Action Barrel Trigger Stock Scope Gunsmith Ammo Rest Rest Top
1 Jerry Stiller 2500X Other B&A PWC NF Other ELEY PQP PQP
2 Bob Cleveland Suhl Shilen Factory Myers B&L Gorham ELEY PQP PQP
3 Jerry Smith X-III Muller B&A McMillan NF Gorham Lapua PQP PQP
4 John Prince 2500X Broughton B&A Bowland weaver gorham Lapua PQP Sandbag
5 Noah Johns Turbo-O Shilen B&A Pippin NF Bumgarner ELEY Pappas Sandbag
6 Tom Wilkinson Turbo-New Muller B&A Lidgard Other Wilkinson Lapua Other Pappas
7 Rhett Matheney 2500X Muller B&A PWC Sightron Stiller Lapua Pierce Arnold
8 Keith Hagerty Turbo-New Shilen jew other Weaver langley ELEY Fulghum Randolph
9 John Carper 2500X Muller Jewell McMillian NF Penrod ELEY Pappas Pappas Delrin
10 Jason Thornhill 2500X Shilen Jewell TM NF Gorham ELEY PQP Delrin
11 Jason Frymier Turbo new shilen B&A PWC Sightron wilkinson ELEY other Arnold
12 Marion Collier Swindlehurst Shilen B&A McMillan NF Gorham ELEY Other Other
13 Michael Lowe Turbo Shilen FF Other NF Wilkinson Lapua Arnold Arnold
14 Edward Ledbetter Trident Muller FF Lidgard NF Penrod ELEY Arnold Arnold
15 JR Groves 2500X Shilen Jewell TM NF Kloeppel ELEY Pappas Pappas Delrin
16 Todd Wooten Turbo Muller Jewell Lidgard NF Langley ELEY Pappas  
17 James Garrett X-III Shilen B&A Pippin NF Bumgarner Lapua Arnold  
18 Joe Besche Anschutz Broughton Factory Factory B&L Other Lapua PQP Delrin
19 Gene Bukys 2500X Shilen B&A PWC NF self ELEY Pappas Pappas
20 Donald Hamblin 2500X Muller B&A Other NF other ELEY Pappas Pappas Delrin
21 Brian Brandt Trident Muller B&A TM NF Kloeppel Lapua Arnold Pappas Delrin
22 Wayne Wills Trident Shilen B&A Lidgard leupold Wilkinson Lapua Randolph  
23 Jerry Kloeppel Swindlehurst Shilen Jewell McMillan leupold Kloeppel Lapua Pappas Pappas Delrin
24 Brian Gilliland X-III Shilen Jewell McMillan Sightron Langley ELEY PQP Randolph
25 Bruce Doster Turbo-O Shilen B&A Pippin NF Bumgarner ELEY Pappas Sandbag
26 Jamie Hoskins Trident Shilen B&A PWC NF other Lapua Arnold Arnold Roller
27 Greg Monroe 2500X Shilen B&A Wollen Sightron Kerley Lapua IvanHoe IvanHoe
28 Tony Harper Turbo Muller FF PWC NF Calfee Lapua Pierce Randolph
29 Richard Morgan 2500X Benchmark B&A PWC NF Higdon ELEY Arnold  
30 Tim Martin 2500X Shilen Jewell McMillan Weaver Gorham ELEY PQP  
31 Jason Pickens 2500x Shilen FF Lidgard Weaver Gorham Lapua PQP  
32 George Donovan Lonestar Muller B&A McMillan Weaver Langley ELEY Pappas Pappas Delrin
33 Dexter Bumgarner Turbo Old Shilen Jewell McMillan Leupold Bumgarner Lapua Fulghum  
34 Randy Owens 2500X Shilen B&A PWC NF Stiller ELEY PQP PQP
35 Alease Knott* 40x Shilen Jewell other Leupold calfee Lapua Arnold  
36 Richard Knott Turbo Shilen Jewell McMillan leupold Calfee Lapua PQP Other
37 Dean Ackman 2500X Shilen Jewell Lidgard Weaver Self ELEY Pappas  
38 Jeff Riester X-III Shilen B&A Lidgard Leupold Gorham Lapua Arnold Arnold
39 Jay Boyd 2500XS Shilen B&A PWC Sightron Mohr ELEY Other Sandbag

**The Equipment list is based on information given at the time of registration and updates during the match.  While we try to maintain an accurate list, mistakes are inevitable.  A competitor may correct their equipment list by emailing  ***