2023 Main Event Qualifiers

Any shooter competing in any qualifying event of the same season as the MAIN EVENT and finishes in 1st-10th or tied for 10th in the overall match will be eligible to compete in the MAIN EVENT.  Previous MAIN EVENT Champions are automatically qualified for the MAIN EVENT each year.

MullerWorks Shootout @ Chickenfoot, GA | Top 10

PlaceNameTotalTotal XsAgg
1stJr Groves11950712390
2ndBob Bass11900772380
3rdChuck Morrell11875732375
4thDennis Sallin11750702350
5thTony Brazil11700722340
6thCamlyn Lowe11700692340
7thRichard Knott11625722325
8thBill Drummond11600732320
9thBob Cleveland11600682320
10thEddie Robertson11600682320

Shilen Indoor Challenge – Double Trouble @ Chickenfoot, GA | Top 10

PlaceNameTotalTotal XsAgg
1stTony Brazil12000762400
2ndChuck Morrell11950812390
3rdJerry Stiller11900852380
4thBill Drummond11775702355
5thMike Lowe11750712350
6thRandy Owens11650802330
7thGreg Hissong11650732330
8thBob Bass11650692330
9thBrian Brandt11600692320
10thJerry Kloeppel11600642320

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Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl @ Kettlefoot, VA | Top 10

Triple Crown Qualifier @ Kettlefoot, VA | Top 10

Shilen Challenge @ BRRC St. Louis, MO | Top 10