Great Shootin’ Wooten!

The 2017 PSL  Muller Works Summer Showdown was held in beautiful Van Dyne, Wisconsin at Van Dyne Sportsmens Club.  Todd Wooten walked (or danced) away with the grand prize money, the

Dan Muller, Paul Tolvstad, Todd Wooten

PSL Minute Man trophy, and entry into the The Main Event.  Tony Harper won both the first and last target of the day, C-Yankees Target 1 with a 2225 9X and Target 5 with a 2250 11X .  Chickenfoot Target 2 was won by Todd Wooten shooting a 2250 14X.  Larry Landercasper shot a 2200 11X winning Triple Crown Target 3.  A 2175 12X shot by Tim Miller won Muller Works Target 4.   Each of the top 10 finishers in the Showdown are invited to participate in the 2017 PSL Main Event.  Those qualifying at this event are Todd Wooten (1), Tim Miller (2), Tony Harper (3), Larry Landercasper (4), Frank Karwowski (5), John Prince (6), Mike Bowland (7), Scott Baeir (8), John Manhart (9), and Glen Hartjes (10). The 2017 PSL Muller Works Summer Showdown added 7 new competitors into The Main Event to be held in St. Louis Labor Day Weekend 2017!  Click Here for full results.