Brandt Wins Lapua Series/ Emmert Wins Shilen Challenge

The Benchrest Club of St. Louis is arguably the premier shooting club of the U.S. This year the club hosted the PSL Shilen Challenge, and it proved to be the toughest match this year. The wind blew from left to right all day and proved fatal for a few pop up tents . The letups would kill your score. Steve Emmert is a great shooter from the mid-west, but he had never competed in a PSL match. A few of his friends talked him into coming, and it paid off. Steve Emmert wins his very first PSL match ahead of 2nd place by 525 points. Very impressive shooting in extremely tough conditions. 2nd Place was Todd Wooten followed by Roger Brock.

This was also the final Lapua Series match of 2010 and Brain Brandt was was crowned the Champion, Kirk Gaston was 2nd and Todd Wooten was 3rd. The top 3 shooters proved all year that they were great shooters. They each competed indoors, outdoors, calm, windy, it really did not matter the conditions or the location, one of these 3 shooter would always be at or near the top. Great shooting gentlemen.