Garry Cox Wins

The 2010 Shotmaster 10X Winter Shoot had 92 competitors brave the snow and cold on the way to the Rocky River Barn. The indoor shooting left many competitors scratching their head trying to explain crazy shots, but Garry Cox showed them how to keep them in the middle. Cox used his Hall/Broughton rifle smithed by Darrel Barnes to win the Winter Shoot Out and take home the $1500 top prize. Fred Leeds finished 2nd with Brian Brandt in 3rd. Lapua had many competitors talking after having 3 of the top 20 shooters using their ammo, possibly breaking the strangle hold Eley has had on rimfire bench rest shooting for the last couple of years. A Hall action also finished on top showing that Turbo is not the only custom action on the market. A great time was had by all.