Gaston Wins Kettlefoot Challenge

The PSL Lapua series made its third stop in Bristol, Va on May 23 to hold the Kettlefoot Challenge. Cliff Keesee had the Kettlefoot Gun Club in tip top shape, and mother nature copperated with us as well. The match started promptly at 9:00 am with temperatures in the low 60’s and little to no wind. Ken Camper of Buchanan, Va came out on top of Pappas Target 1 with a 2300 10X. The temperature was slowly rising, the wind speed was increasing, and so were the scores. Mike Sherrill “Cabin Mike” let the big dog eat and turned in a 2350 9X to win target 2. Target 3 was won by the Kettlefoot Challenge winner Kirk Gaston of Central City, Ky. Kirk turned in a 2350 12X which was the high target of the day. On target 4 Mike Sherrill’s bench partner Mark Meadows turned in a 2350 9X to take the victory. By the end of the day the temperature was in the low 80’s with light but switchy winds, but Joe Besche of Jefferson City, Mo finished off the day with a 2300 10X to take target 5. Kirk Gaston came out on top for the day with an aggregate of 2220 10X. Kirk had quited a day. He won one target, the overall, and he even won the door prize. The door prize was a beautiful laminated stock donated by Jim Peightal. Second place was Jerry Graves with a 2210 11X aggregate, and third was Mark Meadows with a 2190 9X aggregate. The high X count for the day was Jerry Graves with 55 and second was Rick Shouse with 54. Allen Wentzel won $100 donated by Butch Lambert of Shadetree Engineering which was to be given to the 33rd place finisher. Overall a good time was had by all, and new friends were made.