Kirk Gaston Wins Pioneer

The morning started off windy, and there was talk that an agg of 2000 would probably win on a day like this one. The wind got worse, and then the rain came. Tony Harper came out on top of Target 1 with a 2150 8X. Target 2 brought the rain for the rest of the day but that did not stop Chris Gilmer from posting a 2200 11X to win the target. Target 3 brought a 2300 8X by Garry Cox which proved to be the highest target of the day. The rain kept coming and the wind started blowing. Target 4 was won by Tony Harper with a 2200 16X. Target 5 proved to be the toughest of the day with only 2 people breaking 2000, but it was Ted Paul who won the target with a 2025 5X. The scores were tallied and Kirk Gaston had the highest overall aggregate with a 2025 7X, 2nd was Tony Harper with a 2010 10X, and Bob Cleveland was 3rd with a 2000 8X agg. They were the only 3 to agg over 2000 for the day. Kirk Gaston also won the 2009 Kettlefoot match making him the first 2 time match winner for the PSL.