Professional Shooting League

Professional Shooting League Match Rules

  1. Rifles

Any firearm chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge may be used. Any Scope may be used. Competitors may use any number of firearms to complete a target.

  1. Rests

Any rest may be used to shoot from the bench so long as any such device is not attached to the bench in an immovable manner.

  1. Ammunition

Any brand of factory-loaded .22 caliber Long Rifle ammunition may be used. It must be readily available to any individual. It must consist of the original, unaltered factory cartridge case, powder, and projectile. No alterations to the factory ammunition are permitted.

    4.  Targets and Target Distance

A PSL target consists of 25 record bulls, upon which one shot per bull is shot for score in a maximum of twenty minutes. The distance from the forward edge of the bench to the target shall be a minimum of 50 yards.

  1. Match Sign-In and Drawing for Benches

Every Match will have a mandatory drawing to determine each competitor’s bench placement. Numbers, representing Bench Number as recognized by each host range, are to be drawn at random by the competitor upon sign-in. No competitor is allowed to compete in the same event by entering two or more times. Each competitor needs to accurately complete the Sign-In Sheet, including the last four digits of his/her Social Security Number, plus the initials of his/her name. (Example: 1234ABC). This number becomes his/her official PSL number.

  1. Firing Period

A maximum of 20 minutes shall be allowed to complete each 25-shot target.

  1. Crossfires

Before firing any shots into the Record portion of the target, each competitor must fire at least one shot into any of the three Official Sighter Target squares in the heading portion of the target. Failure to shoot an official sighter will result in a warning. If a crossfire should still occur, immediately report the shot or shots to the PSL Match Director. He will note the placement of the shot and the scoring box number. Crossfire shots will not count against the offended party. The offender will incur a 100-point penalty on that target. If it is determined that the crossfire is intentional, and at the PSL staff’s discretion, the offender may be disqualified for the remainder of that event and a zero score shall be calculated into the aggregate for that particular target. The disqualified shooter will not receive a refund on his/her entry fee. Scoring of the offended competitor’s target will be done by ignoring the bullet hole or holes not shot by him. The competitor will shoot that target box as if the bullet hole(s) were not there.

  1. Mechanical Failure/DNF

In the event of a mechanical failure of a competitor’s rifle or equipment which prevents the competitor from placing a scoring shot into each of the 25 record scoring squares, the partial target shall be scored by the scoring team. Whatever partial or incomplete score is the result shall be entered as part of his/her aggregate on that particular target. A competitor may use more than one rifle on a target.

  1. Scoring of Targets

Scoring rings with various values are included within each scoring box, and the values of shots in those boxes are 100 points, 50 points, 25 points, and 0 points. Scoring is based on the best edge scoring method. A bullet hole that breaks a line is given the higher value. If in doubt, review the Scoring Example on the upper left corner of the target.

Total Xs for each target will also be calculated.  An X is a shot that completely removes the center red dot and leaves no red showing.

A scoring plug shall be used to determine the value of any shots and Xs that are not obvious in value. The scoring plug will measure .224 in diameter.

Scoring of all targets will be handled by the PSL staff. No competitors will be allowed to score targets. Only the designated target retriever shall handle fired, unscored targets, placing them in a secure location until the scoring team is ready to begin.

The targets, after the Scoring Team has completed their scoring, may be posted on a secure wall or other place for viewing by all competitors. However, under no circumstances shall anyone, other than a member of the official Scoring Team, remove a target from its place of viewing or place a scoring plug into or a magnifier over any bullet hole. Anyone, other than a member of the official Scoring Team, who places a plug into a displayed target shall be DISQUALIFIED from that event and a score of ZERO entered as his total score for the event. Questions regarding the validity of scoring values placed on a competitor’s OWN TARGET may be referred to the Match Director by the competitor, who may choose to reassess the value of the shot in question. However, OBVIOUS errors on ANY target may be brought to the attention of the Match Director for review. Otherwise, the targets shall not be viewed or handled by anyone other than the target handler or scoring team, for any reason, until after the Official Scoring Team completes the entire scoring procedure for all targets in the event. Only those on the scoring team shall be allowed in the immediate area where scoring is taking place.

Any shot outside the largest scoring ring, but within the scoring box, is scored zero, the same as any unshot scoring box. If a competitor shoots two or more shots into the same scoring box, a score of zero will be entered for that target box. Any shot which falls between scoring boxes will be considered a sighter and will not count against the competitor. Shots that break the target box line will be counted as a zero for that target box.  Any shot that breaks the line on 2 or more target boxes will be scored a zero in the box that contains the largest portion of the bullet hole.

Any target that a competitor places upon the target frame shall be scored and calculated into his/her aggregate, regardless of whether or not the competitor shoots any shots into it. Once it is attached to the frame, it becomes a record target for which each competitor is responsible and which counts into his/her aggregate and overall Standings.

Any target that blows down before its completion by the competitor shall be scored, based upon the values of all shots placed on that target before it blew down. In the event a target is blown away and is lost, it must be scored as a zero. In either case, as with scoring in a mechanical failure, these scores must also be counted in the competitor’s match and seasonal aggregate. It is the responsibility of each competitor to properly and securely affix his or her own target on the target backer. Also, it is the responsibility of the Match Director to provide suitable, stable target backers upon which competitors may securely attach their targets. If the competitor is having difficulty securely attaching his target to the backer, he should ask the Match Director to replace it with a new one.  If a competitor fails to hang his target before the commence fire command is given, the competitor shall inform the match director within 5 minutes of the commence fire command and a cease-fire will be called to allow the competitor to hang his target and 2 minutes will be placed back on the clock.  This will be allowed one time for each competitor.  If it occurs more than one time for a particular competitor, a score of 0 will be entered on that target for that competitor.

Any target frame that is blown down by extraordinary weather or wind conditions, as might be experienced during severe thunderstorm winds, shall be considered an Emergency Situation. In such a case, it might be considered good judgment by the Match Director to temporarily halt the event. He may use his emergency powers as stated in Rule 13. Emergency: by stopping the official timer and waiting, either for safer conditions to return, under which the event might be resumed, and/or to repair the fallen frame or frames. No penalty shall be assessed to any competitor under these circumstances.

If an extremely dangerous weather situation occurs during a PSL event being of sufficient severity or duration that it may possibly endanger any participants at the event, yet prior to completion of the officially published number of targets, it may be necessary for the Match Director to suspend the event for reasons of safety. If the severe weather situation is of a temporary nature, and sufficient time remains to complete the event following an improvement in the weather, the Match Director should make every attempt to do so. However, if the severe weather conditions persist, and the event must be canceled prior to completion of the event in its entirety, then the following guidelines should be followed in order to calculate the final standings of the match.

Count only those targets that have been completed. Calculate all aggregates, as in any other event, but based solely on the number of targets completed, not the published number. However, if an event has two or more relays and Relay 1 has completed a complete set of targets more than Relay 2, the Match Director must omit the scores from Relay 1 and score the same number of targets for everyone. Under these circumstances, no penalty shall be assessed to any competitor for an event that is canceled prior to its completion.

  1. Protests

After all targets have been scored, and upon the conclusion of the final target, all targets shall be made available for inspection by the competitors. The competitor shall have two minutes per target to determine that scoring and mathematical calculations were completed in an accurate manner.  Each target will be hung with a printed close-up picture of the target.  A competitor wishing to protest the score of a bull, shall circle the box of the bull under protest on the printout only.  No writing on the official target by any competitor will be allowed.  The competitor must also fold $2 over the target.  If the score of the protested bull is upheld, the $2 is forfeited by the competitor.  If the score of the protested bull is changed, the $2 is returned to the competitor.

Any scored value given to a plugged shot marked with a “P” and initialed by only one member of the scoring team, indicating it was not reviewed by 2 or more members of the scoring team, may be challenged by the competitor, on HIS target only. There shall be no challenges allowed except on the target of the competitor BY the competitor.

Then, the Match Director shall direct the scoring team to review that shot for possible revision. All plugged holes that have passed the review of the scoring team that are marked with a “P” and the initials of 2 or 3 of the scoring team members shall stand as marked and are not subject to change or challenge. Any errors discovered after the two-minute per target review period has expired shall stand as marked, right or wrong.

  1. Tie Scores

In the event of a tie score on an individual target, the winner shall be determined by comparing the targets of the tied competitors, and, beginning with Scoring Box 1, the competitor with the highest score for that box shall be the winner. If still tied, continue comparing shots from box to box in numerical order, until the tie is broken. Aggregate ties for the finishing positions that will receive a payout will be broken by determining the competitor with the highest score on a single target, if still tied then the 2nd highest target, if still tied then the 3rd highest target, etc…  Highest score is score and X’s, not first miss on breaking aggregate ties.

  1. Target Frames

Competitors may only attach targets to the target backers.  Nothing else may be attached to the target backer or frame by a competitor.  For example, no sighter strips, no umbrellas, no wind flags.

  1. Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency, the Match Director shall call an Emergency Cease Fire by loudly announcing for all to hear, “EMERGENCY CEASE FIRE! All competitors remove the bolts from your rifles and step back from the bench.” If an emergency occurs which requires a cease-fire before the completion of the target or the allotted 20-minute firing period, the Match Director shall immediately stop the official timer. Upon resolution of the Emergency, all participants may then complete any incomplete portion of their target, after the Match Director again declares the “Resume firing” command, and starts the official timer, allowing it to run the remainder of the allotted twenty-minute regulation time, plus an additional two minutes.

  1. General

These Rules supersede all other previously issued Rules and shall be the governing Rules by which all PSL events are conducted.

No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be allowed on the firing line either as a competitor or as a visitor during the period that a match is in progress. No consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be allowed by any competitor until all shooting events have been completed for the day and until all rifles have been removed from the benches and placed in a secure area.

Anyone who disrupts the proceedings of an orderly match in progress shall not be allowed to continue shooting in any other matches on that day, and if deemed necessary by the PSL staff, that person may be asked to leave the range. Any and all disputes will be handled and decided upon by the PSL staff.

  1. Competitors

Any competitor over the age of 10 at the date of the match shall be allowed to compete. No competitors will be allowed help with firing or sighting of their firearm.

  1. Vendors

No selling or advertising will be permitted without the consent of the Professional Shooting League.



  1. Eligibility

Any shooter competing in any qualifying event of the same season as the MAIN EVENT and finishes in 1st-10th or tied for 10th in the overall match will be eligible to compete in the MAIN EVENT.  Previous MAIN EVENT Champions and PSL Series Champs are automatically qualified for the MAIN EVENT each year.

  1. Number of Targets


  1. Finishing Order determination

Individual Target winners will not be determined.

The overall finish will be determined by the total score of the 3 targets and the total X count.

In the event of a tie in total score and the total number of X’s, the competitor with the highest individual target score and X’s will be the winner. If the highest target score and X count are tied, then 2nd Highest Target Score and X’s will be the winner. If the 2nd Highest is tied, then the 3rd Highest Target score and X’s will be the winner.  If all 3 targets are tied in score and X count, then the 2 tied competitors will have a shoot-off and will shoot side by side until a target is scored differently for a competitor and the competitor with the highest target count and X count will be the winner.  Ties will only be broken for the top 3 finishing positions.

  1. Payouts

Payouts are dependent on Sponsorship.  Thanks to ELEY Ammunition for continuing to be the Title Sponsor of the PSL.  The payouts for 2023 are as follows:

1st Place– $2500

2nd Place– $1500

3rd Place– $1000

  1. Entry Fee

There will be no entry fee for the Main Event.  Only competitors who have qualified as outlined in Rule 1 will be invited to participate.


ELEY Benchrest Series Points Rules

   1.  Eligibility

All competitors in an official PSL event of the same season receives points based on finish.  The Triple Crown qualifier is ONLY a Main Event qualifier and points and PSL Payouts are not awarded.

   2.  Finishing Order Determination

a.  Each finishing position of an official PSL match will be awarded points based on the finishing position. 100 points will be awarded to the winner with each subsequent finisher receiving 1 point less. Competitors finishing 100th or worse will receive 1 point.

For example 1st place 100 points, 2nd 99 points, 3rd, 98 points, 4th 97 points, 102nd 1 point, 103rd 1 point, 110th 1 point, etc.

b.  Each target winner will be awarded 1 bonus point.

c.  The match winner will be awarded 5 bonus points.

d.  Points are earned at Official PSL Matches and do NOT include the Triple Crown qualifier.

e. In the event of a tie in points at the end of the year, the tie will be broken by the following

1. The competitor with the best average finish position in the official PSL matches of that year will be the winner.

2. If still tied, then the competitor with the best finishing position in the current year’s Main Event will be the winner.

   3.  Payouts

Payouts are dependent on Sponsorship.  The payouts are as follows.

1st Place– $2500

2nd Place– $1500

3rd Place– $1000


Rules Version 2023-06