Ron Elbe Rises to the Challenge!


Ron Elbe rose to the challenge…. the Professional Shooting League Shilen Challenge!  Ron won Target 5 with a 2100 10X and his consistent shooting put him in the top spot with a combined score of 10650 and 52Xs.  Ed Ledbetter started off the day wining C-Yankees Target 1 with an impresive 2350 15X.   High target on Chickenfoot Target 2 went to Marion Collier with a 2325 15X.  Richard Gorham’s 2325 7X won Triple Crown Target 3.  And Tim Miller, with a 2350 7X won PSL Target 4.   The top 5 Shilen Challenge finishers were Marion Collier, 5th, Todd Wooten, 4th, Tim Miller, 3rd, Pat Jarnagin, 2nd, and Ron Elbe, 1st.  CLICK HERE to see the full results for the 2016 PSL Shilen Challenge.  As always… congrats to all the winners & HUGE Thanks to all the competitors and sponsors who make this sport and competition possible!  SHOW UP & SHOOT!