Tony Harper to the top!

When the day was done and all the scores were tallied, Tony Harper secured  another Professional Shooting League win!  The Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl began with Tony Harper winning C-Yankees Target 1 with a 2300 8X.  Jerry Stiller’s 2250 9X took him to the top of  the list for  Chickenfoot Target #2.  Triple Crown Target 3 and Muller Works Target 4 were both won by Tony Medinger with a 2300 11X and a 2200 9X respectively.  Chuck Morrell’s 2300 16X took the win on Target 5.   The top five finishers over all were Tony Harper in 1st, Donald Hamblin in 2nd, Joe Besche in 3rd, Marc Nachman in 4th, and Chuck Morrell in 5th.  The top 10 PSL Holeshot Arms finishers are qualified for THE MAIN EVENT.  Joining the top 5 in qualifying are places 6-10, Jason Thornhill, Jeff Langley, Tim Miller, Tom Wilkinson,  and Brian Brandt.  Congratulations on securing your entry into the final PSL event of the 2017 season.  For full results… click here!  PSL competition will be coming to Van Dyne, Wisconsin for the Muller Works Barrels Summer Showdown, July 15, 2017.  SHOW UP & SHOOT!