Brian Brandt Takes Fairchance Match

Fairchance Gun Club located in Fairchance, Pa must have the prettiest view of any range I have ever seen.  The range faces east/north east overlooking a range of mountains.  To have that view you must be on top of the hill.  That is great for the view, but that also produces some wind wich can be hard on shooters.  The day was beautiful with hard swithcy wind that would make you cry if you missed a switch.  This match will go down in the history books of PSL as one of the toughest fought matches all the way to the end.  In the end, it came down to the last target with the top 3 overall finishers also finishing in the top 5 scores for Target 5.  Brian Brandt inched out Kirk Gaston by 50 points for the win, and Craig Young was just 100 points behind Kirk for 3rd.  Full results can be seen here.