Record setting Shilen Challenge as Brandt Gains Second Shilen Challenge Win!

Sixty-eight competitors shot in the final 2018 PSL Benchrest Series match sponsored by ELEY ammunition and Shilen Rifles.   Each contestant in the August 31st Challenge eagerly desired to take one of the top ten spots and qualify to shoot in the 2018 Main Event where the elite three finishers would split the $10,000 purse.  Brian Brandt started out strong shooting a record 2500 11-X on C-Yankees Target #1!  Each target that followed had stiff competition and fine shooting including 2 more record targets being shot by Bill Drummond (2500 16-X) on Triple Crown Target #3 and Tim Miller (2500 15-X) on Precision Quest Products Target #4.  George Donovan won both  Chickenfoot Target #2 and Target #5 with 2450 18-X and 15-X respectively.   Brian’s impressive shooting lead to his second Shilen Challenge victory with a combined score of 11975 and 72-Xs.  In second place with a combined score of 11800 82-Xs was George Donovan.  Third place was earned by Chuck Morrell with a combined score of 11800 75-Xs .  John Manhart, Robert Gifford, and Tony Medinger  finished in the top ten and added their names to the Main Event roster to battle for the big bucks.  These Shilen Challenge top 10 finishers qualified for the Main Event in previous PSL matches, but kept additional competition from entering:  Ivan Wells (4th), Tom Wilkinson (6th), Tim Miller (7th), and Richard Gorham (8th).  The 2018 Shilen Challenge wrapped up with qualified competitors having just a few hours to prepare for the 2018 finale – THE PSL MAIN EVENT BENCHREST SERIES 2018 -PRESENTED BY ELEY!

The Shilen Challenge was a record setting competition with Chuck Morrell matching the combined record 11800 75-X set by Brian Brandt in 2010.  Then, George Donovan matched their combined total but won out with his impressive X-Count shooting a total of 11800 with 82-Xs.  After all was said and done, Brian Brandt fought back beating both Morrell and Donovan to remain the combined total record champion with his 2018 Shilen Challenge total of 11975 72-Xs.  And, George Donovan’s 82-Xs sets the record for the highest X count in a PSL match.

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