“Red Shoes” Rocks the SPF Brawl!

Joe Besche, aka “Red Shoes”, stomped out the competition at the 2014 Stiller’s Precision Firearms Benchrest Brawl with a combined score of 11575 and a total of 66 Xs and winning 2 of the 5 targets. Following Joe in the lineup were Jeff Carroll, Jason Thornhill, James Garrett, and Fred Sears in positions two through 5 respectively. In addition to Besche, target winners were James Garrett, Richard Gorham, and Tom Wilkinson. Fifty-Nine competitors fought the switchy wind, humidity, and spotty rain in an attempt to secure a payout position. The final PSL of the year will be held Labor Day weekend at the Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis in Wright City, MO. We look forward to seeing you all there!