Fred Sears wins Muller Works Summer Showdown 2015!

The temperature outside was cool and comfortable.  But, the shooting competition was hot!  Gusty winds proved to be a challenge for the PSL competitors in the Muller Works 2015 Summer Showdown in Livonia, Indiana.  Fred Sears won two of the five targets and ended the day in the #1 spot with a combined score of 10950 55Xs.  Todd Wooten took the #2 spot just 50 points behind Fred and tied in X-count.  Only 25 points separated Jeff Carroll and Joe Besche for 3rd and 4th place respectively.  Ivan Wells’ consistent target scores put him finishing in 5th.  Target 1 was won by John Carper with a 2250 11X.  Joe Besche won target 2 with a 2300 11X.  Target 3 was won with a 2225 12X shot by Todd Wooten.  The final two targets were won by Fred Sears shooting a 2325 13X and a 2250 12X.  Despite the tough shooting conditions, a great time was had by all!  A big thanks to all the competitors, sponsors, and club hosts!  See you all Labor Day weekend at the ARA Nationals and the final PSL of the 2015 season !