“Red Shoes” Wins 2011 Rock Creek Barrel Summer Showdown

The Livonia Conservation Club hosted seventy-seven shooters competing for the title of 2011 Rock Creek Barrel Summer Showdown Champion. Carl Dean and many others worked hard to add 9 benches (for a total of 25) to their range in order to host the PSL Match. Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper were available in the clubhouse during Saturday’s match which lasted from 9am until 7pm. Livonia is a top-notch club with top-notch people. Their facilities are great the people are fabulous!
The hot and humid Indiana weather didn’t deter shooters representing a myriad of states from spending the day at the range. As the day unfolded, winners emerged. After the first target, Chris Gilmer of Murfreesboro, Arkansas was at the top with a 2300 12-X target. Target 2 was led by another 2300 12-X shot by Joe Besche of Jefferson City, Missouri. Then, Greg Davis of Morganton, North Carolina stepped it up shooting a 2350 8-X to rule target 3 followed by Bob Barnhart of Guysville, Ohio, winning target 4 with a 2350 10-X. Then came a 2450 16-X on the final target, dominating both target -5 and reigning as high target of the day, shot by Darin Roush of Rutland, Ohio.
In the end Joe “Red Shoes” Besche towered above all and was named 2011 Rock Creek Barrel Summer Showdown Champion and Shotmaster 10X X-Man with a combined score of 10950 and 55-Xs. Coming in 400 points behind Joe, with a combined score of 10550 and 49-Xs in second place was Richard Gorham of Claremore, Oklahoma. Hot on his heals with a combined score of 10500 and 47-Xs was current PSL series points leader Tony Harper of Rossiter, Pennsylvania.
There is only one more PSL match in 2011! Mark your calendars, turn in your vacation leave, and join us in Wright City, Missouri at the Bench Rest Club of St. Louis the weekend of September 2, 2011. Come shoot the PSL match on Friday and stay for the ARA Nationals on Saturday and Sunday. It will be a fun weekend of shooting bulls with time for “shooting the bull” too. We look forward to seeing you there!