Harry Deneen Takes St. Louis

The Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis is one of the premier rifle clubs in the country. They have a great club house, large benches, plenty of room between benches, just about anything a competitive shooter would ask for. It was an awesome facility for some awesome shooters.
The day started off beautifully. It was overcast with temperatures in the 70’s and 0-5 mph switchy winds. It was quickly evident that to win a target you would have to be on top of your game. Kirk Gaston used his Gorham built Turbo/Shilen combination to win Pappas Target 1 with a 2350 11X, just one X short of tying the PSL Outdoor Single Target Record that is held by Kirk himself. Craig Young stepped up on Target 2 with his Calfee built Turbo/Shilen rifle to set a new PSL Outdoor Single Target Record of 2400 11X. Then the rain came. Luckily the rain storm did not bring any wind with it, but it went from sprinkling rain to a heavy rain on Target 3. Relay 2 suffered the heaviest part of the rain, and the scoring team had quite a challenge in scoring those targets. A couple of hours later the targets were scored after being worked over with a hair dryer, and Jon McKinney and Craig Young both turned in a 2300 11X target with Jon McKinney winning the tie breaker. McKinney was shooting a Turbo/Shilen built by Richard Gorham as well. The rain cleared and the scores soared with Glen Townley turning in a new PSL Outdoor Single Target Record of 2400 12X with his 40X/Hart combination. The locals struck back on the last two targets Townley winning Target 4 and Joe Besche winning Target 5 by shooting a 2350 8X. Joe was using an Anschutz/Broughton combination smithed by Roger Brock.
The targets were dried and the scores tallied bringing Harry Deneen out on top with an aggregate of 2205 and 14 X’s. He was followed by Craig Young in 2nd, Dennis Sallin in 3rd, Glen Townley in 4th and Kirk Gaston in 5th.¬† Check out the¬†complete results in the Results section.