The 2013 season Kicks off at The Barn!

DENNIS SALLIN’S consistently good scores secure him in the number one spot.  Dennis shot 5 targets with a combined score of 11800, which is an average of 2360 per target… That’s some seriously good shooting.  In the number two spot with a total score of 11750 was Brian Brandt who’s definitely no stranger to the top of the PSL list.  Spots 3 and 4 were determined by total Xs since both shooters had a total score of 11550.  Jason Thornhill’s impressive 73 Xs put him the 3rd spot as well as gave him the title of X-Man!  Place 4 went to Todd Wooten with total X count of 71.  New Shooter Bob Velasco stormed the top 5 with a 11350 total score and 58Xs.  In 6th place, down by only 3 Xs was veteran shooter Tony Harper.  Xs made a huge difference in this PSL.  Places 7 through 10 all had 5-target total scores of 11325 and lined up based on X-count.  Seventh place went to Dexter Bumgarner with 64 Xs.  Mike Sherrill’s 63 Xs got him Eighth Place.  Next, in place Nine, was the first female in the PSL top 10 – Jessie Pappas with an X-count of 57.   Richard Gorham and his 56 total Xs wrapped up the top 10.