Thornhill Wins the Shootout

Jason Thornhill rose to the top at the second PSL of the 2020 season where 66 participants were striving for the win!  The top 10 finishers earned payouts and one of the coveted spots into The ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event where $10,000 will be divided among the top three.  Jason topped the list with an impressive combined score of 12025 and 85 Xs!  Finishing in second was Jim Morehead with 11700 combined points and 70Xs.  Third place went to James Garrett with a combined score of 11600 and 56Xs.  Tom Sherley’s combined score of 11525 and 63Xs put him in the forth position.  And Ivan Wells finished in fifth with a combined score of 11475 and 69Xs.  These competitors along with the spots 6-10 will receive free entry into the ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event to be held in September 2020 where they will compete for the big bucks!  Earning their invitation to the Main Event were competitors Jason Frymier (6th), Frank Shook (7th), Mike Sherrill (8th), Richard Gorham (9th), and Jerry Stiller (10th).   Target winners were also in the money each being won by extremely high targets.  Donald Hamblin won target 1 with an incredible 2500 16X target!  Tim Miller’s 2450 15X won target 2.   Jason Thornhill won targets 3 & 4, both with 2450s one having 14Xs and the other a high X count of  21.  Jerry Smith & George Donovan tied on Target 5 each shooting a perfect  2500 and both with 16Xs! 

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