Jeff Jeffreys Wins 2016 Winter Shootout!

Jeff Jeffreys started the year with a BANG! The Professional Shooting League began the 2016 season with the first of four matches being held the same weekend as the ARA Indoor National Tournament at the Rocky River Barn in Norwood, NC. Jeff Jeffreys pulled out the win for both events! The PSL was a tight match with pivotal points being gained in the only two protest period bulls called “IN”. C-Yankees Target 1 had 7 shooters with scores of 2350 and 4 with scores of 2400. William Casey’s 2400-18X earned him the win including the Calfee C-Yankee painting. The fantastic scores continued in Chickenfoot Target 2 when Bill Dooley’s 2450-15X brought him to the top of the list beating out five 2400s. Jeff Jeffreys’ 2450-17X beat out Harvey Reese’s 2450-10X for top spot on Target 3. William Casey was back at the top of the Target 4 list with a 2450-16X over two 2400s. The final round of shooting had two 2400s and two 2450s with Richard Gorham beating out Gary Hittie by one X to win Target 5. After all the scores were totaled the top 5 PSL 2016 Shotmaster 10X shooters are Jeff Jeffreys in first place with William Casey only 25 points behind in second. Bill Dooley, Jerry Chapman, and Jim Morehead finished third, fourth, and fifth, all with aggs over 2300. Thanks to all sponsors and competitors for a great kick off of the 2016 Professional Shooting League Season. Next up… Stiller’s Precision Firearms Benchrest Brawl …. SHOW UP AND SHOOT!

For a full listing of scores and results CLICK HERE!