Slick Willy shoots to win!

William “Bill” Casey (aka: Slick Willy) shoots to win the Professional Shooting League’s Muller Works Barrels Summer Showdown in Livonia, Indiana. A pleasant morning saw scores start out high with Richard Gorham winning C-Yankees Target 1 with a 2450 15X. John Pierce won both Chickenfoot Target 2 and Triple Crown Target 3. John’s 2400 15X rose to the top on target 3. Target 4 saw three 2300s with John’s 11Xs beating Cliff Arnold and Tim Miller with 9 Xs and 7 Xs respectively. PSL Target 4 also had a 2300 tie with Ed Ledbetter having 2 more Xs than Bill Casey. As the temperature rose competition got hot! Slick’s overall win was sealed when he won Target 5 with a 2175 7X. Final scores revealed just how close the competition was: Mark Penrod took place 5 with a combined score of 10700 43X. Place four was won with a 10825 52X by Mike Bowland. X-count determined second and third places as both shooters had a combined score of 10925. Third place went to John Pierce with 49Xs and Second Place was Secured by Richard Gorham with 60Xs. Finally, Shooting to Win was Slick Willy with a combined score of 11025 and 46Xs. Great shooting guys! See you all at the PSL Finale in just a few short weeks. Register NOW for the ARA Nationals and the Shilen Showdown PSL! Just CLICK HERE¬†&¬†KEEP SHOOTING!