X-Count Secures Harper’s PSL Win!

Scores were close at the 2013 Rock Creek Barrel Summer Showdown in Livonia, Indiana.  Tony Harper and Richard Gorham battled it out for the top spot.  When the dust settled and the scores were tallied… they both had a total score of 11300; but, Tony’s X-count of 58 put him in the winners seat.  Richard trailed by a mere 4 x’s and took second place.  In third place was Rick Shouse followed by Jason Thornhill in fourth and Todd Wooten in fifth.   Richard Gorham won target 1 with a 2400.  Target 2 was won by Rick Shouse with a 2300.  Mark Meadows took target 3 with a 2350.  Tony Harper won targets four and Rimfire Accuracy target five with a 2400 and 2450.  We had a great time at the 2nd PSL of the year!  We hope to see you all at Kettlefoot in Bristol, Virginia, in July.