Chuck Morrell wins the Shotmaster 10X PSL 2015

Congratulations Chuck Morrell on your first PSL Win!

The Shotmaster 10X PSL 2015 had 81 competitors shooting for the prize money! Each competitor shot 5 Targets over 2 days in the Rocky River Barn.

Chuck Morrell won PSL Target 4 and Rimfire Accuracy Target 5, shooting a perfect 2500-14X and a 2450-14X. In addition to the $100 per target, Chuck also won a Mullerworks Barrel for winning RA Target 5. Chuck’s great shooting on Sunday’s final two targets sealed his PSL win. Other target winners were: C-Yankees Target 1- Brian Brandt with a 2450-17X, Chickenfoot Target 2 – Jerry Chapman with a 2400-14X, and PSL Target 3 -Jerry Kloeppel with 2450-20X. After the last target was shot and scored and the protest period was completed, the top competitors were finalized with the top 20 places going home with cash prizes. The top five places went to: 1-Chuck Morrell, 2-Jerry Kloeppel, 3-Noah Johns, 4-Jerry McFall, and 5-Jeff Jeffreys.

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