March 19, 2021 MullerWorks Barrels Winter Shootout Chickenfoot Indoor Club Cedartown, GA
May 27, 2021 Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Bristol, VA
May 29, 2021 Triple Crown of Rimfire – 3 card Qualifier*** Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Bristol, VA
September 2, 2021 Shilen Challenge The Benchrest Rifle club of St. Louis, MO Wright City, MO
September 3, 2021 The ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event The Benchrest Rifle club of St. Louis, MO Wright City, MO

PSL MullerWorks Barrels Winter Shootout

March 19, 2021

The MullerWorks Winter Shootout will be the first of 4 ELEY Benchrest Series money matches for the 2021 Season. To see more information on the Main Event click here.


Chickenfoot Indoor Club

403 Shifflett Road Cedartown, GA

About Chickenfoot Indoor Club

Chickenfoot is a private indoor shooting club with 26 benches. Due to the fantastic turnout at Chickenfoot events, multiple relays take place to accomodate all who want to participate.

Registration for the MullerWorks Winter Shootout will begin in late January.

Schedule of Events

The ARA Indoor National Tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday following the PSL MullerWorks Winter Shootout.  Stay tuned for more information.


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