2014 PSL #1 – Harper takes the Win!

Tony Harper won another PSL title at this weekend’s Shotmaster 10X Winter Shootout this weekend at Rocky River Barn in Norwood, NC.  Gene Corvin came in a close second only 50 points behind.  Both Jim Pepper and Ellie Carroll had a 2400 on target one.  But Jim’s 16 Xs put him in the winning spot.  Target 3 had three 2450s shot by Chuck Morrell, Paul Tolvstad, and Tony Harper.  Again, the X-count mattered with Chuck Morrell’s 19 Xs making him target 2 winner.  Jeff Carroll had no trouble winning target 3 with his 2500.   Target 4 was won by Todd Wooten with an impressive 2450.  And, Target 5 was also won with a great 2450 target shot by Gene Corvin. The Shotmaster 10X Winters Shootout had a total of 89 shooters with the top five spots being filled by Tony Harper in first, Gene Corvin in second, Marc Nachman in third, Todd Wooten in fourth, and Brad Ashcraft in fifth.  Brad Ashcraft also takes the X-Man title by shooting a total of 70 Xs for the weekend.    We look forward to seeing you all at the next Professional Shooting League Match!