Jeffreys Wins Second Shootout!

Jeff Jeffreys won his second Shotmaster 10X Winter Shootout at “The Barn” in North Carolina!  Jeff’s great shooting included winning Chickenfoot Target 2 with a 2500 15X.  He shot consistently well on each of the 5 targets and finished in the top spot with a total score of 11800 and and impressive 70 Xs.  Only Joe Besche outshot Jeffreys X-count with a total of 71 which lets Joe claim the title of X-Man.  C-Yankees Target 1 had 3 competitors shooting targets scoring 2400.  Charles Wadkins 15Xs put him in the winning spot over Mike Sherrill and Chuck Morrell both with 12 Xs.  Tony Harper’s 2450 11X put him at  the top of the list on Triple  Crown Target 3.  Muller Works Target 4 was won with a 2500 7X shot by George Donovan.  Finally, Target  5 was won by Donald Hamblin’s 2450 14X.  After Jeff Jeffreys in place one, the top spots went to Jerry Chapman (2nd), John Austen (3rd), Tim Miller (4th), and Chuck Morrell (5th).  Great shooting guys!  Click here to see more scores from the Shotmaster 10X Winter Shootout.