Wooten Triumphs at the Brawl

Jerry Stiller of Holeshot Arms Congratulates Todd Wooten on his Holeshot Win!

Todd Wooten showed up to the Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Club ready for the brawl! Todd won two of the 5 PSL targets, had a combined score of 11175, and triumphed over all sixty-two competitors at the 2019 Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl! Jerry Stiller of Holeshot Arms finished a strong second with 11000 combined 5 card score. Jason Thornhill finished in 3rd followed by Marion Collier in 4th and Tom Wilkinson in 5th. Winning Target 1 was competitor Glenn Spencer with an impressive 2400 16X. Colliers 2350 13X won Target 2. Triple Crown Target 3 was won on a tie breaker by Brian Brandt with a 2350 14X. Wooten won the final two PSL cards with a 2350 on both the PQP Target 4 and the RimfireAccuracy.com Target 5. CLICK HERE for the full listing of Final Results.