Stiller Shoots to Win the ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event 2019

Jerry Stiller showed up determined to shoot his best during all the Labor Day weekend benchrest events at the Benchrest Rifle Club of St. Louis.  After qualifying for the ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event at 3 previous events, Jerry continued his quest to slim the competition by finishing in a qualifying position (6th place) in the Shilen Challenge held August 30th just prior to the ELEY Main Event.  Twenty-five of the 31 qualified competitors made the championship event and shot shoulder to shoulder in the 3 card finale working to earn one of the top 3 positions for the prize payout.  Jerry’s combined score of 6875 46X’s  secured his number one spot paying him $5000!  

Todd Wooten finished a very close second with 6875 35Xs and took home the $3000 payout for his incredible shooting performance.  Todd qualified in 3 of the 5 qualifying events.

After qualifying in 2 of the 5 qualifying events, Bob Cleveland finished the Main Event in the 3rd spot and received a $2000 prize.  

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