Jim Morehead Dominates SPF Bench Rest Brawl!

Congratulations to Jim Morehead on his first PSL win!  Jim took an early lead winning C-Yankee’s Target 1 with a 2400-19Xs. He remained consistent and never let up at the Stiller Precision Firearms 2015 Bench Rest Brawl held in Bristol, Virginia, at Kettlefoot Rod and Gun Club, finishing with an impressive combined score of 11600-75Xs.  Jerry McFall followed in second with 11325-62Xs.  Third place went to Chuck Morrell with a combined score of 11250-65Xs who also won RimfireAccuracy.com Target 5 with a 2350-15Xs.  Todd Wooten held on to the fourth spot with a 11125-54Xs and Tom Wilkinson secured fifth with a 11100-56Xs.  Tim O’Mara claimed Chickenfoot ARA Club Target 2 with his 2400-12Xs target.   Cook’s Mechanical Services Target 3 was won with a 2375-17Xs shot by Fred Sears.  And, Ivan Wells’ 2400-13Xs won PSL Target 4.   Thank you Jerry Stiller, Stiller’s Precision Firearms, and all the sponsors and Shooters who make the PSL a fantastic event to be associated with!  SHOW UP AND SHOOT!