Harper Wins Winter Shoot Out

The 2nd Annual Shotmaster 10X Winter Shoot Out was a great event with 101 competitors, a 2500 target, a payout of over $8,000, and a new PSL record indoor 5 Target Aggregate to win it all. The weekend started off with a 2500 13X target on Target 1 by Bob Ashcraft of Coolville, Oh. Then Tony Harper won the 2nd target with a 2450 13X. The third target was won by Mark Meadows with a 2450 17X. The Tony poured it on by winning Target 4 with a 2400 14x and winning the last target with a 2450 19X. Tony Harper won the overall with a new PSL Indoor 5 Target Aggregate Record of 2380 13X. 2nd place goes to Chan McDonald and third was Bob Watson. It was a great event to get the 2011 PSL season started with.