The PSL Triple Crown Qualifier makes way for 2 more Main Event entries

The Triple Crown of Rimfire tournament was held Memorial Day weekend with competitors seeking to dominate 3 of the most challenging rimfire benchrest targets including  ARA, PSL, and IR 50/50.  The top 10 of the PSL portion of the event qualify to compete in the 2020 ELEY Benchrest Series Main Event where $10,000 will be divided among the top 3 of the Main Event 3 card championship.  Listed below are your Triple Crown PSL Top 10 with two NEW names added to the 2020 qualifiers.  Eight previously qualified competitors finished in the top 10 strategically blocking out the addition of competition fighting for the $10,000 payout!  

  1. Marion Collier
  2. Tom Wilkinson
  3. Brian Brandt***
  4. Jerry Stiller
  5. Noah Johns
  6. Todd Wooten
  7. Jerry Smith
  8. John Prince
  9. Gene Bukys***
  10. Frank Shook

*** Newly qualified