Shilen Challenge ends with Arkansas Trifecta

The Shilen Challenge 2015 resulted in an Arkansas trifecta! Arkansas boys Fred Sears, Bruce Doster, and Noah Johns won places 1-2-3. Fred had a combined score of 11350 67x and was followed by Bruce in second with a combined 11200 63x and Noah with a combined 11125 60x. Place 4 went to Todd Wooten with a combined score of 11125 59X. Chuck Morrell’s 11050 54x earned him a 5th place finish. The day began with Noah Johns winning target 1 with an impressive 2400 15X. Targets 2, 3, and 4 were won with a high target of 2350 shot by Scotty Hebert(12X), Jason Thornhill (16X), and Fred Sears (14X) respectively. Todd Wooten finished the day strong with a 2400 11X winning the final target of the day. A complete listing of scores and results may be found on the 2015 Shilen Challenge results pages.