Alan Bates Wins Shilen Challenge!

Alan Bates of Bloomington, Indiana won the 2nd annual PSL Shilen Challenge held in Wright City, Missouri, on Friday September 2, 2011. Alan’s combined score of 10850 55X beat out the other 83 competitors for the top spot. Out of the 5 targets shot, Alan won target 5 with a 2250 15X, and; he was also named the Shotmaster 10X X-Man, shooting a total of 55Xs. Chris Gilmer of Murfreesboro, Arkansas came in 125 points behind Alan to finish 2nd with a combined score of 10725 47X. Chris won 3 out of the 5 targets with the following scores: 2350 9X, 2275 12X, 2225 13X. Coming in third with a combined score of 10675 46X was Bob Barnhart of Guysville, Ohio. Bob won target 3 with a score of 2250 13X. These competitors were shooting top notch on Friday with only 175 points separating 1st and 3rd place. Jump down to fourth place, where there was a 3-way tie, and 300 points separated them from 3rd place. Clearly, Alan, Chris, and Bob were at the top of their game for the Shilen Challenge!