Stiller Conquers the Brawl

Jerry Stiller conquered the field of competitors at the 2020 ELEY Benchrest Series Holeshot Arms Benchrest Brawl with a final score of 11575 and 62Xs.  Jerry’s high card of the day was a 2400 12X which won Target 5, beating out Jason Thornhill by 1 X.  Finishing in second place was Bad Bob Cleveland with a total score of 11250 58X. Bob also won Triple Crown Target 3 with his 2350 16X.  Third and fourth place finishes were separated by X-count with both having a combined total of 11175.  Jerry Smith took 3rd place overall and the title of X-Man with a combined score of 11175 66Xs.  In addition, Jerry won C-Yankees Target 1 with 2450 13X and Chickenfoot Target 2 with an impressive 2400 20X.  Fourth place with a combined total of 11175 and 54Xs was John Prince.  John won Precision Quest Products Target 4 with a 2400 16X beating out Bob Clevelands 2400 13X.  Congratulations to the PSL ELEY Benchrest Series Holeshot Arms Top 5!

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